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What nuclear material can be used for energy but not weapons?

enriched uranium or not enriched uranium, plutonium, anything thats nuclear. These materials can be used for weapons, and energy. Is there any kind that can be only used for energy? and is it practical to achieve getting this?

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2 Responses to “What nuclear material can be used for energy but not weapons?”

  1. simplicitus said:

    There are several that have been used:

    But the cost are horrific and the advantages for domestic power generation nonexistent.

    For example, plutonium-238 is the most common material, but like all plutonium it is extremely poisonous and, like most of the other nuclear materials used for energy, requires a reactor to make it:

  2. Lacy Hauth said:

    I just got up from sleep and I am already reading your post. It means something! Really useful post. Thankx!


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