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How much more energy efficient is nuclear power?

Than fossil fuels like coal, oil, etc.
Sorry, didn’t specify.

I mean, how much coal or whatever needs to be used to produce the same amount of energy as a small bit of uranium.

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One Response to “How much more energy efficient is nuclear power?”

  1. Sosgez of no potatoes said :

    It all depends on how you get rid of the waste. If you are very responsible, it will cost a lot more than if you are not.

    For some people, the disposal will not meet their expectations. All traditional methods will generate waste but nuclear material may take MUCH longer to pacify. Possibly beyond our species’ existence.

    3,000,000 : 50 : 30 approx. MJ/kg
    Fission : LPG : Coal

    So uranium is about 10,000 times more energy dense. Its not a useful practical comparison though.


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