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In what form is the energy from Nuclear Fusion?

I know that in the sun, nuclear fusion creates energy using E=mc^2 for the lost mass.

But in what form is this energy released? Is it purely in the kinetic energy of the particles released or are there other forms of energy that I’m missing. Basically what I’m asking is, where does the energy ‘produced’ actually go?


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6 Responses to “In what form is the energy from Nuclear Fusion?”

  1. Mark M said :

    The sun radiates energy throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, like light waves, infrared, radio, ultraviolet, etc. Not all of the energy is lost immediately, but over a long enough time span the star burns up its fuel.

    Neutrons and helium-4 are also emitted by fusion reactions.

  2. Titantwister the dexter said :

    We live in world of quantum physics which lead to many myths and the undiscovered . The evidence particulate nature of matter . And on broad spectrum , the concept of wave particle duality explains this energy being transformed in terms of cosmic rays and redistribution among the subatomic particles . Also , there is an anti universe which does exist explaining that the particles which leave the surface are compenstaed . That is why the sun is stationary about its axis having relative potential energy and is able to keep its planets orbit round it.

    Thus, bear this in mind that energy can never be created nor distroyed but can change from one form into another.

  3. Let'slearntothink said :

    The energy produced goes in increasing the random kinetic energy of the atoms/nuclei of the stuff of which sun is made of hydrogen and helium atoms/nuclei in which they are ultimately converted. This increases the temeperature of the stuff and the stuff loses part of this energy as electromagnetic radiations that is photons of wide frequency/wavelength range. So ultimately this energy is converted into elctromagnetic energy emitted by sun.

  4. Wonderer said :

    If you want the physics there you are, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that mass and energy are not separate entities, but are interchangeable, with any mass having an associated energy, and any energy having an associated mass. (This is in addition to any other potential or kinetic energy the object may have.) This relationship is expressed using the formula

    E_0 = mc^2 , where

    E0 = the energy equivalent of the matter (technically its “rest energy”) m = mass
    c = the speed of light in a vacuum (celeritas), (about 3×108 m/s)

    and total energy is then the sum of kinetic energy and rest energy. In other words, energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Because the speed of light is a very large number, the formula implies that any small amount of matter, can in principle be converted to a very large amount of energy. This is the principle behind both nuclear power and nuclear weapons, as well as natural processes in stars like the core of the sun. if your meaning is what would we get out of it . well nuclear fusion is regarded as the holey grail of energy production. the energy we as humans are looking at. is of course heat. it would mean almost limitless power with no wast. that’s why it’s called the holy grail of energy production.

  5. goring said :

    The Power transfer that occurs as a result of mass structure conversion of Atoms from Hydrogen to Helium is a Nuclear Fusion process. Power is transferred from the Atoms in the form of micro mass radiation to the surroundings. During mass structure conversion work is done on the Hydrogen Atom to cause it to convert to Helium.

    According to the laws of thermodynamics a certain amount of mass is lost per Unit temperature of the atoms as result of the work done. This mass loss is called” Mass
    Defect ” in the Nuclear Fusion process.

    This micro mass radiation as result of Nuclear Fusion moves at the speed of Light. The Energy expanded during mass radiation is the product of the Radiation Power and the quantity of time period that the micro masses oscillated at the speed of light.

    Radiation Power is defined as per this Equation;
    Power=Momentum x acceleration
    P=L x a
    Where” L “is the linear momentum of the radiated particles and “a” is their. acceleration .
    P x time = MC^2 is the Energy expanded during the time of power transfer. Where M is the total mass radiated and C is the Speed of light.

  6. Drostie said :

    Dear oh dear. You certainly got a large number of responses on this explaining fusion; and that doesn’t seem to be your question. My apologies.

    The answer is that the energy starts out as kinetic energy of the nucleons, which rapidly slow down in the sea of electrons of the Sun. (The Sun is in a plasma state: the electrons have freely dissociated from the gas. Like you see in lightning, for example.) They slow down because they bump into fast-moving electrons which then bounce off even faster. The electron sea thus becomes warmed by the super-hot nucleons, but it’s the nucleons which carry the energy first and foremost. (There are probably convection bands which then carry the energy to the surface where the black-body radiation occurs, but I don’t know more about the exact transport structure within the Sun.)


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