What is the smallest possible nuclear weapon?

How much would it weigh and how much damage would it cause?

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6 Responses to “What is the smallest possible nuclear weapon?”

  1. ducatigirlsam said:

    My Bum, it only weighs a few pounds but trust me it causes phenomenal damage if set off! ;-)

  2. Mr Blues said:

    I’m not 100% sure but i think they have nukes that a tank can fire, and i think its enough to wipe out a small city ??.

  3. Bill N said:

    Gamma Partical

    Very small and will damage your DNA as it goes straight through your body (and the Earth) without it even noticing you

  4. keith r said:

    it is a extremly small particle called the gamma particle(sounds like somthing of THE HULK doesn’t it).it is invisible to the naked eye.it is actualy partly radiationial.it is fairly dangers and can be used as a weapon.

  5. Pete WG said:

    About 10 kg of plutonium-239 would do the trick. Should wipe out a small town.

  6. CLIVE C said:



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