Japan is vulnerable to earthquakes, yet they are to build more nuclear plants. What precautions are taken?

Last year an earthquake caused damage to a nuclear plant and 264 gallons of radioactive water was released into the sea. It also caused 50 malfunctions at the reactor.
Brilliant idea! Hahaha…

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10 Responses to “Japan is vulnerable to earthquakes, yet they are to build more nuclear plants. What precautions are taken?”

  1. Silent said:

    It’s not just Japan vulnerable to earthquakes…. it seems like asian countries vulnerable to earthquakes, however, Japan is also known for advance technology as well. So Japanese can do is build more nuclear plants and do prevents for earthquakes……

  2. redwindow said:

    they are going build on the air not on the earth

  3. dazzla00 said:

    a big super giant sushi condom will descend on Japan and protect the world from radiation in the event of an earthquake

  4. LilK L said:

    that is dangerous

  5. stbb said:

    It show you, when people come to money, they can so blinded.

    Japan is a small country, without the assistance from US after WWII, they would have been a poor small fishery country.

    There are very few natural resources, and no enough land to farm, to grow enough agriculture products for their own consumption.

    Oil and raw materials are their biggest expenditures in their national economy; raw materials are needed to make things, so they cannot skim on the materials, but the oil they could try to conserve if they can have their own energy resources.

    It is no wonder the Nuclear Power Plants are high pirority on their list for self sufficient energy generation, even at the risk of Earthquakes.

  6. Motorhead Fan said:

    Most buildings in Japan are capable of withstanding earthquakes, due to the fact that Japan has one almost every day, most new buildings are built with a suspension system built underground, which allows them to sway with the earthquake, rather than being brought down

  7. Chandraclan.com said:

    As the posters have said, Japan is a land with few natural resources. Being dependent on oil is not a sound policy for them to follow. Nuclear reactors, if managed properly, can provide clean, safe energy.

    So what are the precautions? Well for one, Japan builds the reactors in far-off places with a minimal population. Of course for the people who do live there, it may be an uneasy, but the government compensates with tax breaks, better infrastructure, etc.

    Another precaution that they take is to ensure that the reactor is not on a major fault line. Unfortunately, in the accident you have referred to, it was found that the reactor was built too close to a fault line.

  8. Pokey the Angry Banana said:

    I just ignore the problem and hope it goes away, like I do with all of my problems.

  9. Joriental said:

    Did you check the level of radioactive water ?

    And also check how many nuclear plant construction groups (companies) in entire world and which nation(s) hold the capital.

  10. Patricia D'Amiral-Manners said:

    Countries like Japan bring distaster on themselves by building nuclear plants on their land which they know is vunerable to earthquakes, but as usual it is the poor people who suffer.


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