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What would happen if we put nuclear waste into a volcano?

Is nuclear waste reactive in any way? Would the extreme heat of a volcano make any reaction? What would be a problem with storing the waste in a(n active) volcano? Would the vapors become toxic? Of course if it exploded it would be a disaster but we have volcanoes that are less active than others.

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3 Responses to “What would happen if we put nuclear waste into a volcano?”

  1. QFL 24-7 said:

    It would just taint the eruptive material with radioactivity and harmful elements. If it came out in a flow, not a big deal, because the material would be sealed inside the lava after it cooled. If it came out in the ash/gas… big problem…potential to spead the radioactivity worldwide.

  2. vighnarajendra s said:

    it will be dangerous in any case.but u have not mentioned the details of the status of the nuclear agency would allow any such thing to happen.if we do so, that is putting our planet & it’s life in danger,considering the fatal effects of the exposure of the related radioactivity.

  3. xx gemma xx said:

    it would go KABOOM


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