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What would happen to a drum of nuclear waste?

if it was put into a bubbling volcano? Would the waste change into something else and become inactive? In the event of an eruption would the nuclear waste be spewed over the land if it stays active.

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9 Responses to “What would happen to a drum of nuclear waste?”

  1. Bozo said:

    You wil probably get nuclear fallout through the smoke and ash of the volcano

  2. Petrusclavus said:

    The container would melt, the contents would possiblly burn. Depending on the exact materials vapourise, burn, melt, mix with the lava – all possible.

  3. Imogen J Mann said:

    Depends on the exact nature of the waste. It would cause radioactive fallout (ash) and radioactivit ‘hot spots’ in the lava flow during and after it cools.

    Generally it’s not a great idea. Nuclear waste should be treated properly and buried in the cellar of No’s 10 and 11 Downing Street. London. UK.

  4. Dietrich W said:

    The radioactive material stays active and it doesn’t matter whether it’s liquid (i.e. molten) or solid ( i.e. ash or unchanged). It will be distributed by air and lava polluting surrounding area. Even when the volcano stops activity he may have become radioactive himself but this depends on the radioactive load in terms of becquerels of the drum. The drum never goes down to the core of earth where the nuclear waste would be safely deposited because the lave upstream will allways prevent that.

  5. nas88car300 #48 B2B said:

    more than likely it would get burned up since the molten lava is so hot

  6. Rhys said:

    lol, although the others answers are humourous I will give you the right answer.

    The drums are sealed in special glass cases that are then buried in special places on earth that have been found to be structurally stable. These areas are frequently checked.

    They don’t get put in lava, but if they did the volcano would be given super abilities like all marvel characters.

  7. tommynocker001 said:

    Depends what you mean by a ‘barrel’ of waste. Nuclear wastes are of different classifications for different types of industry, ranging from pharmaceutical waste to spent reactor rods. Throwing the latter into an active volcano would result in the likes of Chernobyl, the reactor rods spewing graphite dust and radiation into the atmosphere. It’s better to dispose of these things in a more… controllable environment!

    However, a better idea is to get rid of all rubbish by burying it tectonically where the earth’s convergent plates are being pushed together so the waste slowly gets drawn further underground toward the mantle.

  8. Lincoln6 said:

    Heat doesn’t destroy radiation, otherwise a nuclear weapon would eliminate its own fallout. The volcano would make matters worse.

  9. ddrum said:

    Not sure about the volcano thing but someone mentioned that they store it in barrels and burry it. That is true but something we are getting away from because the barrels will eventually deteriorate. Now we use what’s called a vitrification process that actually turns the waste into glass logs that can be safely stored. That’s what my company does.


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