How does nuclear medicine work at curing disease?

If possible, I’d like two specific actions in which nuclear medicine is used.

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4 Responses to “How does nuclear medicine work at curing disease?”

  1. dna said:

    nuclear radiation will affect the DNA of the exposed cells, so they are used in cancer treatment to inhibit the DNA replication, also they are used in goitre weather benign or malignant to stop the development of the thyroid and decrease the mass.

  2. Troy said:

    It is mostly used for diagnostic imaging purposes.

  3. mdsnurse60 said:

    Nuclear medicine is primarily used for diagnostic purposes

    * renal scans – used to examine the kidneys and to detect any abnormalities, such as tumors or obstruction of the renal blood flow.
    * thyroid scans – used to evaluate thyroid function.
    * bone scans – used to evaluate any degenerative and/or arthritic changes in the joints, to detect bone diseases and tumors, and/or to determine the cause of bone pain or inflammation.
    * gallium scans – used to diagnose active infectious and/or inflammatory diseases, tumors, and abscesses.
    * heart scans – used to identify abnormal blood flow to the heart, to determine the extent of the damage of the heart muscle after a heart attack, and/or to measure heart function.
    * brain scans – used to investigate problems within the brain and/or in the blood circulation to the brain.
    * breast scans – often used in conjunction with mammograms to locate cancerous tissue in the breast.

  4. Carey Cortright said:

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