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what does it mean when the red light keeps flashing in a nuclear power plant?

im just here on work experience and everyone’s left me on my own. i dont know what to do.

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20 Responses to “what does it mean when the red light keeps flashing in a nuclear power plant?”

  1. DAVID P said :

    Local prostitute is open for business.

  2. Ton said :

    just put your hands over your eys and go eenie meenie miney mo and hope for the best when you press a button!
    good luck!!!

  3. karen h said :

    well dont press any buttons mate!! – lol!

  4. James H said :

    The power from the wall socket in ON

  5. Kate said :

    Give Homer a call (my dad). He’ll sort you out.

  6. Sarah T said :

    Homer, just go home.

  7. Jan S said :

    it means don’t hang around to find out

  8. Firefox said :

    You need to stick another 50p in the meter, otherwise the little crane drops the rod and everything shuts down!!!

  9. cairn4lodge said :

    someone’s pressing the remote control

  10. splatweasle said :

    Just don’t worry about it. Ignore the light. Can you tell me which power plant it is ? !! Is it in Kent for instance?

  11. crusha03 said :

    Your losing the deflector sheild…………..oh wait thats the Millenium Falcon!!
    eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr RUN FOR YA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. spaceman said :

    sounds like you are still in the canteen you will need to refill the coffee machine.

  13. astatine said :

    It detected someone who’s about to nod off. The next step is a loud alarm.

    Cover your eyes, wear ear plugs and doze off.

  14. Lord Aborance said :

    AAAAAggghh !@&?# were all gonna die!

  15. Ched said :

    Ask Homer! Sector 7G……..

  16. celia g said :

    Just follow these 3 simple steps:
    1. Don’t Panic (this is good advice from Douglas Adams)
    2. Close eyes and pray (if you are an atheist, now may be a
    good time to change your mind)
    3. Press a button (any button will do).

  17. BUDwiser said :

    the red light means that everything is going well. go get yourself a donut, some coffee, and a pillow, so you can sleep at your post. remember homer simpsons, he was left alone at his post, and look at how well he does his job. you 2 can be like him, just start pushing buttons when peopel pass by. most of the time you should be eating donuts or sleeping on the job. so have fun, and if something wrong happens, keep pushing different buttons until the colors change.

  18. Easy Peasy said :

    Are you sure it’s red. It was green when I left you there. If it’s turned to red then those pesky communist gnomes have sneaked into the light bulb. Just say “I gnome your in there Go or Fred will come and feed you to the gargoyles.” This should panic them into leaving.

  19. majormajor28 said :

    Pour water over it. That should cool it down.

  20. arethusa_lad said :

    Usually the best thing you can do if in doubt is put on the kettle, have a brew and watch a DVD


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