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Which animals are smartest ?

Intelligence is defined as the ability of achieving complex goals within complex environments. Just like humans, some animals are more intelligent than others are. Octopuses have been called the most intelligent among invertebrates, while the intelligence of pigs and squirrels has also been studied. Below is a list of the smartest animals alive today:

1) Chimps – Chimpanzees have always been cited for their intelligence. Chimps make and use tools in acquiring foods. Studies have also shown that chimps have very sophisticated hunting methods that involve rank, influence and cooperation. Although they can be deceptive and manipulative, chimps can easily learn symbols, numbers and the human language. In fact, some chimpanzees have even outperformed college students in remembering numbers.

2) Great Apes (gorillas and orangutans) – Great apes have learned the basics of the American Sign language and even taught it to one another. They also performed basic computer functions that involved problems with colored shapes.

3) Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) – In the water, whales and dolphins reign as the smartest animals above any other aquatic animals. They can create mental images and communicate with fellow dolphins or whales, even at great distances using “songs”.

4) Elephants – Elephants have great memories and are capable of communicating over great distances. Like humans, elephants have death rituals and even grieve over their dead family members or companions.

5) Parrots – The only non-mammal animal considered as one of the smartest animals alive are parrots. They are capable of producing short comments and initiating conversations. A popular parrot named N’kisi has even learned 971 words and does not simply repeat what humans say, but also uses the word “know” five times in proper context.

6) Cats and dogs – The human’s favorite pet, cats and dogs, can understand a human’s emotions through tone of voice and facial expression. They can easily be trained to perform both simple and complex tasks such as potty training.

Studies are being conducted every year to learn animal intelligence and include more animals into this list.

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2 Responses to “Which animals are smartest ?”

  1. Mirna said :

    Pigs are far more intelligent than cats and dogs.

  2. Mirna said :

    Pigs are far more intelligent than cats and dogs.


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