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What is an aerospace engineer ?

An aerospace engineer is a professional responsible for the development of spacecraft, missiles and aircraft used in transporting goods. Since the field of aerospace is extremely broad, these engineers can also be part on different areas of aeronautic research or development.

A highly skilled aerospace engineer focusing in the development of airborne vehicles are called aeronautical engineer. They design single airplanes, large jets or vehicles that transport passengers and goods. Aeronautical engineers are also responsible for designing and constructing military airborne vehicles.

Another type of aerospace engineer who works in developing and constructing devices used in space travel and exploration is called an aeronautical engineer. These engineers are involved in the structural design of space shuttles, satellites, probe ships and other space systems. Since these devices are usually developed for permanent placement in outer space, aeronautical engineers also develop software and equipments needed to keep the devices working indefinitely. Equipments such as cameras, tracking devices, frequency systems and other support systems are also developed by the aerospace engineer.

Due to the complexity of the field, an aerospace engineer should be highly skilled in aeronautics, often specializing in one sector. Most aerospace engineers have obtained graduate degrees and continuing education to keep current knowledge updated, enhance skills in aeronautics and learn new techniques in the design and construction of vehicles.

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