What is ammonia ?

Ammonia is the chemical represented as NH3. Ammonia is either in the form of gas or a strong-smelling liquid. It is usually used in products for cleaning grim or fertilizing crops. Small amounts of ammonia, if inhaled or placed on skin, can cause fainting, burning and even death.

Ammonia is made up of three hydrogen atoms and a nitrogen atom, which are tightly bonded. When organic matters decompose, a small amount of ammonia is formed. As such, ammonia is naturally found in the atmosphere. However, when the four atoms are bonded together by force, artificial ammonia can be produced. This is then pressurized to make liquid ammonia for use in manufacturing plants.

Gas ammonia is lighter than air and would not collect indoors. Although gas ammonia has a strong and distinctive odor, it would not combust unless extremely concentrated, making ammonia safe compared to other gasses like propane, since people can easily recognize its smell and leave the area immediately.

Since ammonia can be converted into liquid form, it is included in various types of cleaners, such as wax removers, window sprays and other household cleaners. Most ammonia produced is used in fertilizing crops to provide plants with absorbable nitrogen.

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