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What is a comet ?

A comet is a small cosmological body, which is similar to a planet’s construction.  A comet can sometimes move in a weird orbit, which sometimes causes to bring the comet closer to the sun and make it visible even without a high-strength telescope. When a comet is visible to the naked eye, it usually features a tail made from gases, which has been mistakenly called ‘shooting stars’ by the early astronomers.

Most visible comets in our galaxy originated from the Oort cloud, a hypothesized astronomical body created by the sun’s leavings. These unique materials create comets, which then orbits the sun due to the sun’s gravitational pull. While passing some other planets, the comets can also be affected by their gravitational forces, which usually result in an oval-type or oblique orbit.

Most of the time, people see comet when it passes in between the sun and the earth. Some experts believe that the comets and their tails enhance its visibility when they reflect the sun’s light. Since comets orbit the sun in unique patterns, people tend to see a comet passing once in a lifetime.

Comets are classified by the span of time they can orbit the sun. short period comets usually takes less than two hundred years to completely orbit the sun while long period comets takes more than two hundred years to complete the task. Halley comet, for instance, passes the earth every seventy-five years; this marks the comet as a short period comet. Halley comet was last seen in 1986 and will be visible again in 2061.

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