why are we decommissioning all the uk’s nuclear power plants?

There is a special agency in charge of decommisioing all the uks nuclear power plants. But why are we doing this? The sites all talk about how they are doing it. What is the fundamental reason that these are no longer considered viable?

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  1. jduck1979_2005 said:

    The government were initially planning to phase out nuclear power, and left the industry start dying a natural death…. and all the plants are getting on a bit now anyway, the newest one being brought into service in 1988 (Heysham 2 + Torness) & 1995 (Sizewell B)

    Then all of a sudden they realised we were going to need new ones in order to provide plentiful clean energy in the future ‘cos renewables are a fat lot of good on their own.

  2. fred k said:

    Some but not all of the reactors are reaching the end of their (extended) design life.
    At some point, the materials used inside the reactors are likely to fail due to corrosion or fatigue. The designs do not allow the economic replacement of all these parts (people or robots would have weld pipes in radioactive areas).
    Originally, nuclear electricity was promised to be ‘too cheap to meter’ but the construction, maintenance, fuel mining, processing, decommissioning and waste storage end up as a quite expensive sum which will take many years to properly account.

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