What are the dangers of Nuclear Radiation?

What are the dangers of Nuclear Radiation?

Detailed answers would be very appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

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30 Responses to “What are the dangers of Nuclear Radiation?”

  1. Acka said:

    Oh come on mate.

    You should have listened in class.

  2. Super Chris said:

    again… death

  3. Help Clean the Earth said:

    it can cause mutation

  4. LiLJapaneseBoii said:

    Human mutation

  5. Sealion Sits On Rock said:


  6. baby boo said:

    hair falls out, scabs on body, internal organ failer….. the list goes on really!!!!!!!

  7. JL2 said:

    When you fart in the dark, the gas will actually glow.

  8. baritone_player said:

    You could die. Your children could die. Their children could die. etc.

  9. betsy_1990 said:

    a nuclear war?

  10. Sheena said:

    ur body absorbs the radiation which messes with ur organs and u die slowly unless ur in a blast, in which case u get eaten alive by radiation

  11. tara.spencer said:

    cancer, chernobyl happening again

  12. dear_dysphoria7 said:

    The radiation damages the DNA in cells, causing cancer and mutation.

  13. ♥Edenn said:


    hope i helped!!:D ° °


  14. Ellie said:


    It produces radioactive waste, which is radioactive for 1000’s of years and has to be stored safely

    Also, there could be an accident (like Chernobyl?) and radiation would be emitted to the surrounding area. This is dangerous to people and animals, as radiation ionises healthy body tissue, damaging/ destroying it or causing it to mutate (i.e. cancer or tumour). It can also cause leukaemia/ radiation illnesses in later years.

    Hope this helps a bit 🙂

  15. Jamere said:

    Im talking cancer, genetic mutations passed down many generations, bodily burns, wars…..the list goes on. It is deadly stuff. Watch the movie “The Hills Have Eyes”. You will see what radiation can do to people. Im talking children with tails, 3 eyes, giant heads. Not to mention that Nuclear Bombs can wipe out Nations.

  16. jeanimus said:

    Sickness, hair falls out, organs bleed, teeth fall out. If by then you manage to find someone to mate with your kids will be highly prone to all sorts of cancers and prob be born with lots of mutation and life threatening illnesses.

  17. ziggycat22 said:

    ok how stupid r u?im 12 and no wat happens.first big boomy thang falls from sky.can u understand that?second mushroom shape forms third heat energy and radiation kills most thangs fourth wat evers left loses their eysight and their skin feels like its burning then for about a month or more radiation stays in the area.u got that stupid person?

  18. Leslie said:

    The main danger from radioactivity is the damage it does to the cells in your body.

    Most of this damage is due to ionization when the radiation passes, although if levels of radiation are high there can be damage due to heating effects as your body absorbs the energy from the radiation, rather like heating food in a microwave oven. This is particularly true of gamma rays.

    A tiny speck of uranium dust contains millions of atoms (one millionth of a gram contains 2,500,000,000,000,000 atoms!). Over a long period of time these atoms decay, their alpha particles doing considerable damage.
    The alpha particles do not do a lot of damage when outside the body. however, once inside the body (for example inside the lungs) they are very dangerous.

    Each alpha particle causes a series of ionizations as it rips through matter. As they are so highly ionizing they cause a lot of localized damage.

  19. madthinker said:

    Initially – from gamma rays – Intense burning, both on the skin and internal.

    However, also from the fall-out, where contaminated dust gets everywhere, emiting continuous low-level energy. This can cause mutations, leading to cancers forming.


  20. general said:

    It is a very wide topic to cover if u ask the dangers that nuclear radiation brings to us and to our environment.

    We shall start with the basic one. Radiation can be classified into 2 different categories, namely ionizing radiation, and non-ionizing radiation. For the latter, the examples are radio wave, microwave, visible light, infrared and so on. Now, the nuclear radiation fall in the first category, ionizing radiation.

    Well, simply say, ionizing radiation is radiation that cause the atoms to ionize. It means that we have one positive atom and a few free electrons. In chemical insight, this ionization cause the molecule to break apart, since chemical bonds are base on delicate equilibrium between no. of electron and no. of proton.

    This ionization, on molecular level, cause 2 main consequences, which are degradation and cross linking. In a degration process, let say in a long polymer, the chain would be cut into pieces (degrade). In cross linking, the radiation would give the monomers a chance to glue to each other, forming a longer chain.

    Seem so far, but these events are actually closely related to us. The degration that i just talked about can happen in our DNA (it means our DNAs break apart). The broken strand could be match by other broken part, causing mutation

    Now let look into our cells. what can possibly radiation do to our cells? As I told u, radiation can kills our cells and cause mutation, perhaps to our child later on. If our cells start to die, so do the entire organ, if our body cannot repair the damage. Normally our body can repair radiation damage, but we cannot tolerate too much damages at one time.

    Now on much general points of view, we can summarized the effects as
    a) instant death (if we received high dose)
    b) cancer induced by the radiation – we still argue whether low dose can induce cancer, but we are certain that high dose can induce cancer at some stage in our life. Note that not all scientists believed in the word induce, but they would rather say radiation increases the possibilities of getting cancer.
    c) physical symptoms such as hair lose, nausea, pain in stomach, skin reddening etc.
    d) impair growth on children
    e) mutation, to later generation.
    f) memory loss, not widely reported

    Two major incidents involving radiation are the detonation of atomic bombs in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and the Chernobly reactor incident.

  21. Atilla The Bun said:

    Low doses such as the normal background radiation on this planet add slightly to your risks of getting cancer, leukemia, cateracts etc. this is because each particle or wave that passes through your body can affect genetic material or destroy a water molecule creating free radicals.
    As the dose increases the chances of these long term effects occurring increase. However these symptoms take 10 to 30 years to manifest.
    Acute radiation doses such as Chernobyl firefighters or accidental hospital overexposures do enough cellular damage that it affects the organs of the body.
    The cells most vulnerable are those which divide most frequently so the lining of the gut and the bone marrow can be killed off, with help and effective hospital treatment it may be possible to survive while these tissues regenerate.
    In a reactor accident such as Chernobyl, the emergency teams got covered with contamination which was not removed by decontamination. As these materials were full of beta emitting materials they had the unpleasant effect of killing the first few millimetres of skin (beta burns), not a nice way to go!
    Normal dose of background radiation in the UK is about 2.7 mSv annually, if you eat bananas, drink much coffee or smoke you are adding to that. I should point out that radon is a radioactive gas which exists everywhere on this planet. One of the materials created as it decays is polonium210, which is the stuff used to kill that Russian spy a few years agoin the UK. I think it worth mentioning because polonium 210 is highly radioactive, a solid, and is found on tobacco leaves amongst other things. Another reason smoking is not good.

  22. Unforgivingx000 said:

    Death, Cancer, Mutation, Ect.

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