If a nuclear bomb went off would you die slowly or quickly?

I had a nightmare last night that a nuclear bomb went off and I died a really slow horrible death.

Would it be mercifully quick?

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25 Responses to “If a nuclear bomb went off would you die slowly or quickly?”

  1. LadyLinda said:

    Mercifully quick for me!

  2. Kerry said:

    Depends upon how close you were to ground zero (the center of the blast). If you were close, you would be vaporized instantly. If you were a few miles from the center, you would die slowly from the effects of radiation poisoning; a slow death.

  3. Bruce said:

    That depend where you are at the time.

  4. <₪۞ĈΔŘĻØ۞₪> said:

    Depends, if u r close u die instantly, u become ashes, otherwise u get infected with radioactive s**t and u die very slow…. in pain…

  5. Sapphire said:

    You would hope to be right by it and just be blown to smithereens. Hopefully it would be quick…

  6. fixu said:

    It depends d distance from the epicentre of the blust. You will be instantly incinerated within 5 km of the blast…

  7. Jambo said:

    yes very quick!! unless you are a cockroach and then you would survive cos cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack!

  8. short_dude182 said:

    Depends if it was right near you. The radioation will kill thousands let alone the bomb.

    But if you was right near the bomb, quick.. if radiation? Slow and painful

  9. Splodge said:

    Depends how far you are away from the blast…I suspect the best bet would be to try and header it away….no chance, but a quick exit

  10. Jimmy N said:

    if you were in the actual blast and aftershock of the explosion then yeas you would die very quickly.
    anywhere else you would probably get radioactive poisoning and die slowly!!! or become a superhero with unimaginable powers!!!!!

  11. Garey B said:

    I can tell you that it would be quick… the initial shockwave would kill you. but lets just say that you were to somehow live through that, the explosion and then the fall out would kill you instantly… Do not worry about your dream, it would be over quick.

  12. Micky said:

    if it hit drectly in the area that you are in then yes you would die straight away.
    if however you are miles away the poisons oin the bomb would travel in the air and you would breath it in and that would mutate your blood cells and body parts. this would cause a painful death and would be hereditery, which means you kids would more then likely have mutations of some sort.

  13. RockHanger said:

    It depends upon where you are in relation to the blast. The explosive force and heat at close range would render death quickly. Radiation effects on the outskirts can be brutal and EVENTUALLY fatal.

  14. MUTS NUTS said:

    It would depend on the size of the warhead and how close you were to it

  15. gadmack2000 said:

    It depends how close you are to the blast. Inside the blast radius death will come swiftly, pretty much instantaneously. If you are further away and exposed to the radiation, you will die a reasonably prolonged and very painful death from radiation sickness..

    Nukes are very naughty weapons. They take no prisoners.

  16. P Ni Ka said:

    It depends on the size of the bomb and your proximity to the bomb area. If you want mercifully quick, you should be within the 5km radius.

  17. Wanger said:

    If you were exposed when it went off it would blast you into atoms, but if you were not exposed, or underground then you would stand a chance of living for a month or two. Underground you would live until your food and water ran out and then when you came to the surface and was exposed to the radiation you would die from the exposure. The radiation form the bomb takes around 200 years to disipate from the atmosphere, so esentually you would die either way over a very short period of time. There would be very little food and water and what you did find would be contaminated by the radiation.

  18. slayton59 said:

    There are many factors one of which is how far you are from the detonation. the further you are the safer you are also the size of the bomb affects the safety distance then also the prevailing winds blowing radio active materiel toward you or away from you. If you are a safe distance from detonation but are in the path of the fallout you would experience a slower more horrible death. Hope you have better dreams!!!!!!!!

  19. vinusapphire said:

    it might depend on the power of the nuclear bomb!!!if it has a strong explosive you will receive the effect as soon as possible!!!

    it also depends on the effector’s distance from the affected!!!

  20. eflatsharp said:

    If you were within “blast” distance you wouldn’t know much about it, outside of that it would be death by radiation poisoning – speed depending on distance.

  21. landales said:

    It depends on how close you were to the impact zone i’m afraid.

  22. CLIVE C said:

    It depends, on how close you are.

  23. territinsel said:

    If it was in the same area as you you wouldn’t know what hit you

  24. elflaeda said:

    If you were at ground zero, your death would be very quick in deed, the further away from the impact site you are, the slower your death would be. If you lived hundreds of miles away for instance, the fallout could cause cancers and other forms of radiation sickness which would be quite lethal but probably very slow and painful.

  25. blake :P said:

    Hi all.
    If you where are ground zero then you would die very fast, but if you where say about 3miles away or more then you will die a long and very painfull death (owch) in my years of reserching and looking at nuke’s i cannot belive the power they have to destroy home’s,states and some small country’s.
    thanks again.


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