How do i become a nuclear medicine physician.?

i wanna b a nuclear medicine physician. . .but dont knwo how to become on. . .cud someone plz help

thnks x

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3 Responses to “How do i become a nuclear medicine physician.?”

  1. Daniel k said:

    become exposed to high levels of radiation then wlak in and steal a mcdonnalds CHEESE burger from the testing site and if that doesnt work you could always post a question on YAHOO Answers

  2. R. Gaspari said:

    Sure, there are 2 ways in the US. You can complete a 2 or 3 year residency purely in Nuclear Medicine, however, your opportunities will be highly limited. Most Nuc. Medicine physicians are also radiologists and that means (in the US):

    4 years college
    4 years med school
    1 year transitional/prelim (medicine/surg, etc)
    4 years radiology
    1 year nuclear medicine

  3. gangadharan_nair said:

    Please see the web pages for more details on Nuclear medicine.


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