Are you for or against building more nuclear power stations in the UK?

Should the government be looking to renewable sources more? Are nuclear power stations really our only option? What are you views on this?

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11 Responses to “Are you for or against building more nuclear power stations in the UK?”

  1. 5 star said:

    no. we need more power, the national grid is allready on over load, we need more juice

  2. royphil345 said:

    I’m against it and I don’t even live there.

    Isn’t there something simple we could do, like convert dead people into energy or something?

  3. London Trader said:

    I agree with the building of more nuclear power stations as a part of a diverse energy mix. I think we should also look at more renewable sources, but the current technoclogy is not sufficient to meet our needs on its own, and i wouldnt want giant windmills clogging up all our landscape.

  4. Preet J said:

    nuclier power station . i dont think that all country have till 1 nuclier power station becaz that really bad for all the peoples that get them alfa ,beta and gema that three rays can be bad for us and somet time thats the very dangerous to be near nuclier stations.

  5. old know all said:

    In theory, nuclear power stations are an excellent way of generating electricity. The problem is, we have never got past the theoretical side and worked out how to deal with the waste products. Developing nuclear power was no problem – the USA gave us the technology in return for the plutonium (wonder what they wanted that for). Disposing of the waste was a lower priority – after all they had a use for the main by-product.

    Before dismissing nuclear power, bear this in mind. It produces less radioactive waste per megajoule (yes read that again) than coal fired power stations. The difference is that with nuclear power, the waste comes out in spent fuel rods that we have to dispose of: with coal we chuck it in the air and it lands on Norway.

  6. resignedtolife said:

    I am really afraid of the idea. I don’t know much about the alternatives though, so can’t really criticise the government for making this decision. I think they are dangerous of themselves but also we have some very dangerous people within our midst.

  7. Julia H said:

    For, so we don’t have to rely in Middle East so much.

  8. Benoit M said:

    a nuclear power station requires to be built close to a “source of water” to cool the reactor and provide water for the steam turbines (coupled to electrical generators).
    as there are few rivers in the UK, most of them would be built along the shore and require expensive installation (due to seawater and not river water, as preferred)

    security (due to terrorism) + waste management are the 2 common issues raised along Nuclear Power

    unless we (UK people) reduce drastically our electricity consumption, there is, unfortunately, no alternative available for the time being.

  9. Chris H said:

    No. Not until we have the political will to develop a waste repository for the existing waste, and not until we can guarantee security of supply and we have fully assessed the actual carbon emmissions associated with nuclear power, from miniral extraction to 20,000 years of waste storage.

  10. WESLEY L said:

    Do you want anything to happen when you put the light switch on, when the wind isn’t blowing?

  11. Lisa W said:

    Ah ur in the UK – America here lol muhahaha j/k I could care less I prefer I suppose that no country had them but only cause I have kids and its like some stupid sick fear of nuclear war and having children involved ..considering the source which I will shut up cause I don’t want my country knocking down my door to shut me up lol. Even though we’ve freedom of speech it only seems to go so far. (Don’t get me wrong I am proud and love my country but as all I’ve my disappointments more so leaning towards the current president…) anyways if they stay away from harming my kids and dog and at least my cats lol then more power to you go for it! If I sound nuts I’ve been going on 2 hours of sleep and need caffeine


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