Who is the fusion man ?

Yves Rossy also known as the Fusion Man is an inventor, Swiss pilot, former fighter pilot of the Swiss Army and an aviation enthusiast. The advent of the name Fusion Man started in 19 December 2006 when he became the first man to develop and fly a jet-engine powered wing. He built the wing with the help of sponsors like Swiss watch company Hublot, it takes $190,000 USD and a couple of years to finish the wing.

The first attempt of Fusion Man was lasted six minutes and took place on Bex, Switzerland. His wings was made of carbon-fiber with a wingspan of approximately 8 feet. The craft runs with four small kerosene-burning Jet-Cat jet engines, which are usually used in powering jet planes. The Fusion Man wore a heat-resistant suit like the one worn by firefighters, to protect him from the extremely hot temperature of the craft. Thanks to aerodynamic carbon foldable wings, Rossy was the first man to gain altitude with a steady horizontal flight in his 2006 attempt.

He also used a PC-6 Pilatus propeller plane as a launching–off point. His wings extended when he entered free fall from jumping out of the plane with wings folded, and he subsequently started to fly horizontally and gaining several hundred feet of altitude at 160 mph of speed. After flying for about six and a half minutes, he opened his parachute to serve as his breaks, then landing safely to the ground. After doing several practice flights, Rossy conduct his first public flight in front of media.

Rossy’s May 14 flight captivated the world. He entertained the media and the crown with long turns and loop-de-loops. The flight control was obtained by the use of his body and two hands throttles, additional controls are unnecessary. He flew 2,600 ft soaring through the Swiss Alps.

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