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Which animal is most poisonous ?

The golden dart frog is the most poisonous animal in the world. Living up to its name, the golden dart frog is so deadly that dogs and mice died just by walking on the spot that the frog touched. Phyllobates terribilis is the Latin species name of the golden poison frog; it is also known as the Golden Poison Frog. The Golden Poison Frog gets its poison by feeding on beetles from the Melyridae family. Research proves that the beetles may actually be more poisonous than the frog, which could give these little critters the title.

One Golden Poison Frog has enough poison to kill about ten to twenty adult humans, while one Pupperfish has venom to kill thirty humans. Nonetheless, research still considered that the most poisonous animal is the Golden Poison Frog because its poison is a few times deadlier by weight. Compared to cyanide, both animals’ poison is one thousand two hundred times deadlier. You can find Fugu Pipperfish in cosmopolitan, while Pacific coast of Columbia is where you can find the Golden Poison Frog.

Due to the lethality of the Golden Poisonous Frog, it became the main source of poison in Columbia, to use for poison darts. These darts can take down almost anything. They catch the frog using a stick and placed near a fire, the heat slowly puts the frog under stress and slowly secretes its poison out from their skin. They collect the drops of poison and they dip down the heads of their dart. They use this poison dart for hunting.

With its title for being one of the most poisonous animals in the world, the Fugu Pupperfish is still considered as Japan’s sushi delicacy. There are certain parts in this fish that does not contain poison. Experienced chefs can only perform this cuisine. There are people who died by eating this kind of sushi, however, Japanese still ask for it due to the small amount of poison that gives the sushi its unique taste.

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