What is planet x ?

Planet X is a theoretical planet, which has been studied and search by many astronomers throughout the years. During their search for Planet X, astronomers were able to discover Pluto and Eris, which are now considered dwarf planets. The term “Planet X” refers to the name of an unknown planet that may exist beyond Neptune, since during that time, astronomers had only discovered eight.

When astronomers discovered Neptune, they identified it as a planet because they found oddities in the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, leading them to believe that another unidentified planet farther from the sun and earth caused this. The discovery of Neptune and mathematical discrepancies in its orbits suggested that another planet existed beyond Neptune.

Astronomers continued to believe in the existence of Planet X, desperately trying to find it throughout the 20th century. An argument that contributed the demise of the Planet X theory came in the 1990s, claiming that probes sent into space did not move in a way that could suggest a strong gravitation pull from the Planet X. Another argument is that the Voyager 2, which was sent to space, gave accurate measurements of Neptune explaining the mathematical discrepancies of its orbit.

However, some scientists still believe in the possibility of Planet X existence, while others like Patryk Lykawka even made calculations that astronomers would discover this planet by 2013. Because of this curiosity on the Planet X, many books, movies and TV shows have used the Planet X suggesting the existence of a 10th planet.

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