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What is calcium ?

Calcium is a chemical element and the most abundant mineral on earth, which appears in a wide variety of compounds in the Earth’s crust. Calcium is considered an important component for countless of living organisms, making it a vital part of a healthy nutrition. As dietary calcium, the element can be found in different products including cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. It can also be in the form of mineral or vitamin supplements taken by people suffering from calcium deficiency.

Since the ancient times, calcium compounds are used in a wide array of things, but it is commonly used today for industrial purposes. Calcium was isolated in 1808 when chemist Humphrey Davy extracted calcium from calcium chloride when electrical current passed through the compound.

Calcium is identified with the symbol Ca and the atomic number 20. In its purest form, calcium is a malleable, firm and silvery element. It is considered an alkaline earth metal, but it is less reactive compared to other alkaline metals. Burnt calcium emits a yellow or red flame, while the elemental form creates a patina once it is exposed to air.

Calcium can readily combine with different substances, despite being not as reactive compared to other alkaline earth metals. Items that contain calcium include plants, animals, limestone and gypsum. Pure calcium is extracted from calcium chloride. Its elemental form is never found naturally, but is include in various compounds.

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