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What is a pyramid ?

The meaning of pyramid depends on the field it is used. In mathematics, pyramids are considered the fundamental solids in the Euclidean geometry. In math, a pyramid should be made up of three important elements – a 3-dimensional figure, a polygon base and triangular side faces meeting at a common vertex. These pyramids can be further classified depending on their shapes. For instance, a square pyramid features a square base and four triangular side faces, while a triangular pyramid features a triangular base and three triangular sides.

In architecture, ancient and modern architectural construction favored pyramids over other shapes, as seen on ancient pyramids in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and Rome. Pyramids in Egypt, China and Mesopotamia during the ancient times were designed for funeral or burial monuments.

Pyramids have also been a subject of curiousity, especially with some people insisting that the perfectly-made pyramids of Egypt were made by aliens.

In modern time, the pyramid also refers to a fundamental cheerleading structure, which can be customized to produce different variations. Made up of bases, spotters and flyers, a cheerleading pyramid follows general safety guidelines for competition. A typical cheerleading pyramid is 2 ½ persons high for six levels.

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