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What are the best universities for a degree in Astronomy?

I’ve been looking around on different websites and have been getting little help. I’ve gone on visits to different places and they have all given the “well all of our degrees are good” crap. Can anyone give a me a straight forward answer on some universities with good astronomy or astrophysics programs?

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5 Responses to “What are the best universities for a degree in Astronomy?”

  1. campbelp2002 said :

    Any professional astronomer will need a Ph.D. or at the very least a Master’s. The master’s is probably only going to get you a community college teaching job though. For your bachelors degree, pretty much any school will do, especially if it offers a Ph.D. program. You don’t have top get the Ph.D. at the same school you get the bachelors, but the fact that the school even has a Ph.D. program in astronomy puts it a cut above the others. And when you are there you will find out from the other students and professors and counselors what the best graduate schools are. Cal Tech, MIT, and Harvard come to mind. I believe Yale, UCLA and UT Austin have good programs too. But I haven’t kept up with it, so do your homework, which means don’t just ask here.

  2. Tree Hugger said :

    I’m looking for that same answer. Try CalTech(California School of Technology), I know they work with NASA, so they might have one.

  3. Spacy said :

    Univ. of Arizona.

  4. David Stretton said :


    But come to Australia and go to ANU. They work with the Mt. Stromlo Observatory and Australia is known for its astronomy.

  5. NO.O said :


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