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What are some recent discoveries made in astronomy?

I wanted to know some of the recent discoveries made in astronomy, to see which was is the most interesting to me.

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4 Responses to “What are some recent discoveries made in astronomy?”

  1. CT said :

    Betelgeuse is discovered to be shrinking.
    A broken Dwarf Planet has been hypothesized to have created all the craters on the moon.
    It is hypothesized that the planets with eventually spin out of control.
    A planet is found in the Andromeda galaxy.

  2. ZIM Presidential Elections 2012 said :

    “Most massive black hole found in galaxy M87”

    “Red giant star Betelgeuse in constellation Orion mysteriously shrinking”

    “Radio telescope images reveal planet-forming disk orbiting twin suns”

    You can find the latest news on the website, or you can get the news sent as a Newsletter (as I copied the headlines and links from), on the website.

  3. Dude said :
  4. ThulasiDharan said :

    Reported on June 9, 2009, Betelgeuse has shrunk 15% since 1993. This means the average speed at which the radius of the star is shrinking, over the last 15 years is approximately 470-490 miles per hour. The rate that it has been decreasing in size has accelerated.


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