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How much money does a nuclear reactor operator usually earn in a year?

The question says it all. What is the average salary for someone who operates a nuclear reactor?
This isn’t vital, but I’m also somewhat curious as to how competitive getting an operator job is. Just curious as I’m in the process of obtaining a certification. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “How much money does a nuclear reactor operator usually earn in a year?”

  1. halo58558541 said :

    Generally above 80,000. It depends on your time at the work location, skill level, and a few other factors.

    But it definitely would be a high paying job considered to other fields.

  2. matefaterate said :

    more than the president! but thats good money for a boring job!

  3. Kevin M said :

    I can’t answer the first part, but having worked on a nuclear reactor in the military, I can give you an idea about the second part. Given the virtual moratorium on new reactors, there are only so many spots available at any one time.

    However, as more and more nuclear trained people are getting out of the Navy (all submarines and aircraft carriers are nuclear powered), those few spots can be filled by an ever increasing number of people, so the longer you wait, the more competitive it is going to get.

  4. Talisha Fulwider said :

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