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How much greenhouse gases does Nuclear Power produce?

People say that Nuclear Power is good for the enevironment because it doesn’t produce lots of C02. So how much does it produce? And is it really better than the other non-renewable resources?

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6 Responses to “How much greenhouse gases does Nuclear Power produce?”

  1. platyguin3000 said :

    Nuclear power uses the Fission of uranium atoms to heat and boil water. Like coal being burnt to boil the water. In itself, the fission doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. However greenhouse gases are produced as the uranium is mined and transported. Additionally nuclear waste is produced which may be more damaging to the environment the greenhouse gases as it takes longer to leave.

  2. Irrational Man said :

    it produces nuclear waste instead of CO2

  3. stainless steven said :

    I am afraid that the nuclear waste produced by fission is far more devastating over a much longer period, than any other form of production. No it is not better than non renewable sources- NRS should concentrate the minds of all persons in all countries, who have the power of decision.

  4. Tatnic said :

    Nuclear power is a very energy intensive industry. It takes a huge amount of energy to mine the stuff, process it, transport it, use it (ie just think of the huge, over-sized structures consisting of many thousands of tons of concrete and steel and pipe) in the reactors, and then dispose of it and keep it safe for many centuries. This all requires a huge cost of energy just to get the energy out of the fuel. While the reaction itself may not create an oxidized by-product (ie pollution), just look at what those two bombs we dropped over Japan can do to the country side.

    Nuclear energy is fraught with problems and is not a clean energy what-so-ever.

  5. Michael said :

    What I find funny, is all the answers against Nuclear Energy do not provide any VALID points about nuclear energy. It produces little if any greenhouse gases (GHG), if using CANDU reactors, you can use natural uranium, which means you have less of the bad fission products, and 60% of those products if reprocessed, may be used again. AND then for the HUGE amount of energy you gain, you have a very small (nongaseous most importantly) by-product of radioactive material that can be vitrified (melted into glass) and stored underground to decay within the glass. It would take thousands of years for us to fill a mountain in Nevada. So really what is the cleanest form of energy?


    nuclear power is just as bad as the CO2 addmitted from burning coal, not to mention the radioactive nuclear waste and the money it costs to mine, transport, building and storage (mind you, you cant dispose of radioactive waste)


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