How long will the universe last ?

The most accepted guess of modern cosmetologists regarding the earth’s existence is that it would last for a very long time, along the lines of a googolplex (1 followed by thousands of zeroes) years. Since people are afraid that the end of the universe means the end of human existence, this question has long been asked.

Since it is widely known that the universe continues to expand, current signs suggest that not only is the universe expands continuously, it is happening at a faster rate. Many experts report that the dark energy or the universe-wide pressure causes this occurrence.

The question of the universe’s lifespan is related to the overall geometry of the universe as it measures the overall density of the universe. If the density of the universe is more than omega, the universe is considered “close” with a spatial geometry. If the density of the universe is equal to omega, it is considered “flat” and the rate of expansion would slow down and approach zero in time. If the density of the universe is less than omega, it is considered “open” and the universe would expand indefinitely regardless of a presence of dark energy.

The current state of the universe is flat. Studies show that the universe would expand even with just enough dark energy. If the expansion continues for an indefinite period, stars, atoms, galaxies, local clusters and galactic super clusters would rip apart.

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