How do you make a home nuclear generator to power electricity?

Hey. I am tired of paying the electricity bill and got fined for taking my neighbours from his pond. Turned out he never watched tv or had a computer. When his bill went from £10 a month to £150 he got suspicious and found the cable and adaptor that I had connected to his fish pond in the back garden. Anyway thats another story. I did bury the cable but obviously he unearthed it.

I know some people use solar plates to provide electricity for their home, but this costs too much. I don’t have £25.000 to spare for this stuff. Also it is a rented place so I don’t even own the roof.

I was thinking of a nuclear generator that I can build at home and use to power my electricity usage off uranium or something. I am really good with building gadgets, and know where I can get weapons grade uranium from cheap. I just need advice or a walkthrough on how to build a mini nuclear power plant in my own kitchen.

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  1. moonshot said:

    Weapons grade uranium will poison your home and is not useful for electric power generation. And it’s illegal. Glad you aren’t my neighbor!

  2. referralguru said:

    Not gonna happen mat eeven if nuclear power plants could be made that small, you would be paying more than 25,000 for it

  3. Austin Powers said:

    lol, ur dumb. it scares me to know ur out there, please dont have children. guess the radiation will take care of that. guess darwin was right again

  4. rhsaunders said:

    Forget building your own nuclear power plant; it is a high tech deal which would cost millions of pounds. The radiation shielding alone would weigh many tons and cost a fortune. If you can find some weapons grade uranium, however, your financial problems are solved: buy some, and sell it to terrorists, who would love to have some and will pay a fortune for it. Please keep Scotland Yard up to speed on this, however; I would prefer not to see London or New York go up in a mushroom cloud.

  5. Poo said:

    I can only respond to you in one way with a question such as this….Your Stupid.

  6. Isaac Laquedem said:

    You likely don’t have the space to build a nuclear generator and provide adequate shielding. The uranium in a nuclear plant is basically a heat source, used to heat either water or liquid sodium which then drives an electromagnetic turbine. So you need room to put the turbine. Liquid sodium is tricky to handle — it tends to catch fire when exposed to water — and water used in a nuclear plant turns to steam, and requires some containment vessels.

    You also need a place for the water or sodium to cool off after it drives the turbine. A commercial water-cooled nuclear plant uses a cooling tower on the order of 100m high (about like a 30-floor building). For residential use you don’t need a 100m tower (nor would the landlord let you install it through your roof) but you will still need some place to let the water or sodium cool.

    In 1994 a boy scout who lived near Detroit, Michigan collected americium from smoke detectors and thorium from lantern mantles and built a sort of working nuclear reactor, but the radioactivity spread across his neighborhood and he never got working power out of it. He did, however, attract the attention of the federal government, which took away the radioactive materials and his mother’s tool shed (which had become radioactive) and some other things that had become radioactive.

    If you don’t in fact have weapons grade uranium, but only commercial uranium, then you may need to enrich the stuff (meaning to sort out the U-235 from the U-238), because the U-235 is fissionable and the U-238 is not. To do this properly you need the facility to work with uranium hexafluoride (a gas) and in particular to run it through a centrifuge, then to remove the fluorine from the uranium. Fluorine is toxic and corrosive and eats just about everything except fluorspar. It’s difficult to handle and store, and you’ll run into major problems trying to combine it with the uranium and then to dissociate it from the uranium.

    Overall you’re going to be much happier spending your money on solar plates. Sorry!

  7. caldwemj said:

    Okay, first of all it really scares me if you really can get weapons grade uranium for cheap. It is a very highly controlled substance and it is very hard to believe that if you can get it that you could get it for less than the cost of solar panels. However, just for the sake of playing along, before you even try to build a “nuclear generator” there are a few things that you need to consider:

    1. The raw uranium would have to be formed into fuel rods of some sort, the exact configuration would depend on the type of reactor that you use. Uranium fuel rods are good for only about 2 years before they get so full of nuclear poisions from the fission products that it is almost impossible to keep a chain reaction going. You would have to have a somewhat steady source of uranium to use a reactor for a long time.

    2. When you do have to change the fuel, it is HIGHLY radioactive and without the proper equipment or shielding you will die a very unpleasent death.

    3. If you do manage to refuel the thing, you have to find some way of disposing of the fuel, your local landfill will not take it. Also, just throwing it in your backyard will not work, trust me the local health department will notice if all of your neighbors start dieing from radiation poisoning.

    4. A little lesson on how nuclear power plants work: the nuclear reaction creates thermal energy that is use to heat water to create steam, this steam then is used to turn a turbine which generates electricity. The whole system would be far to big to be built in your kitchen, especially if built by someone with absolutely no nuclear engineering experience.

    5. Let imagine that you are actually able to pull off a sustainable controlled fission chain reaction, which, by the way, took some of the most brilliant minds of the early 20th century (Einstein, Fermi, Bohr) to figure out in the first place. If you do not have a proper control system (i.e. control rods made of nuclear poisons) you will probably have another Chernobyl on your hands. Another very unpleasent death for you and will undoubtably attract the attention of the local authorities.

    Sorry for the flippant nature of my response, however, I am hoping that it will convince you that, even if you are able to get your hands on uranium, that it is not something that should be attempted. There are many, many other things that you would have to consider before building your own nuclear plant but hopefully this will be enough to prove my point.

    Instead of a nuclear generator, have you considered wind power? I am sure that you can build a windmill for a lot cheaper than either a nuclear generator or solar panels. Or, live without electricity. If you are not willing to pay for it, you should not have it.

  8. orgoca said:

    Ill pretend you are joking and play along…

    Ok this is quite an easy task… Once you get the uranium you need from your local drug/enriched uranium dealer, make sure you handle it with care. I find it very usefull to use wet towels which will make the radioactivity sliperry and fall right off with the water dripping in the towel and not make it in to your hands. You can then separate it in to two bathces. Use the first one for smoking purposes. Smoking enriched uranium will give you trips not even acid and shrooms put together could achieve. But once the fun is over get back to work. You say you want to build it in the kitchen. Last time I built one of this suckers I used my kitchen sink. It is usually made of aluminum which will be very usefull isolating the radiation emmited by the uranium. Plug your ktchen sink so there is no radioactivity flowing throwgh the sewerage which would be a deffinite way to get caught and we dont want that. Fill your kitchen sink with water (you can use tap although the less suspended solids in the water the less corrosion and incrustation you will have in your turbines so I would reccomend using evian or something of the sort.) The water will get very hot and steam will start comming out. This is good, steam is what will make your turbine run and produce your beautifull free electricity. Now you need to harness all that gorgeous steam and use it to run a turbine. I would reccomend using a standard floor wind fan to be placed on top of the sink. Usually, a wind fan uses energy to run, but now the raising steam will make the turbines on the fan to rotate and the little electric motor will start working as a generator thus producing electricity. Now make sure you use wet towels all around your installation, since they will keep everything cool and isolate most of the radiation comming out of the system. Also remember to moisten your towels every 5 or 6 hours with a garden hose. The last issue you need to take care of is the steam. This steam is supposed to be highly toxic and radioactive but truth be told, no one has proved such mumbo jumbo so I would just get rid of the problem by buying some AC duct and run it straight in to my chimmney. If you dont have one, then just send the vapors straight in to a high point in the house, this will make em go away. Now, what you must do is plug your fan in to your electrical input in your house, right before the fuse box. This will provide electricity to any appliance wired in your home. If you notice that this is not producing enough electricity you can use an additional wind fan on top of the first one and you would have something like a dual cycle… Yeah I guess we can call it a dual cycle. Let me know if you come up with new and better solutions to my design since I am having some problems with mine although my house lights up beautifully. That is if you dont mind most of your lights to look green. Something to do with radiation or something…

  9. hugh said:

    kk now i would just first like to say to every 1 who has anwered so far he did not specify wat type of nuclear generation plz don’t auto matakly think of thermal fission reactors that would just be stupid to do

    my house right now is being powered bye a radioisotope generator

    witch is a form of nuclear generation

    im not sure if uranium would preduce enough heat but its worth a try my system pass’s water over a casing with radioactive material in it witch heats it up then i pass the water through several stirling engines to get macanical energy from the heat energy

    and btw the material im using is legal

  10. hugh said:

    and before u say it the reason y im using water is becuase i can also use that to heat my house:D


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