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How can you survive a nuclear explosion if nearby?

I don’t plan on climbing into a refrigerator like the shit seen in the last Indiana Jones movie. What are real ways to survive a nuclear explosion if you are close by? I don’t feel like exploding from powerful gama rays and such.

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11 Responses to “How can you survive a nuclear explosion if nearby?”

  1. 18721169 said :

    Sorry no way the radiation would be WAY to powerful maybe if you were in a bunker.

  2. MorticianGal said :

    I think if it was a nearby explosion you wouldn’t want to survive. The radiation poisoning would just cause a long, painful death. I’d rather go out with the first blast and get it over with.

  3. krazyassylum221 said :

    Actually. There isnt any real way to survive because radiation will stay there for months and without food and water to last you months on end, you are as good as dead.

  4. TTcFox said :

    A bomb shelter?
    Meh i dunno.
    Do you mean IN the explosiov? Like the the fire and everything or just the toxic stuff?

  5. big_j_gizzy said :

    I agree with the first guy, anyplace that is a good depth underground and is air tight to the radiation above. But then you’re stuck there until the radiation clears.

  6. jini said :

    fridges dont work…
    make your house with lead walls, and hope the lead poisonin doesnt kill you before a nuclear explosion

  7. dagwood said :

    Actually the stunt that Indiana Jones did in the movie could work, but if the blast didn’t disintegrate him and the refrigerator, he would die from radiation exposer, which to me would be worse.
    The only way to survive a nuclear explosion from close up, would to be in a super-encased lead lined bunker with enough food and clean breathable air to last until the radiation subsided. Since atomic radiation has a half life of ten thousand years you would be there a very long long long… time.

  8. Dr. R said :

    “Nearby” is a relative term. If you mean less than a hundred yards, there is no way to survive no matter what you do. The best protection, though, is being in a bunker buried deep in solid bedrock. People in a bunker more than a hundred hards or so deep might survive a direct overhead hit, but not if the missle was designed to penetrate the ground before detonating. See link.

  9. Kyle W said :

    You just need shielding and distance. I am surprised at the answers in this forum here. I suggest the others need to read up on the aftermath of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. They are thriving cities today.

    Also, you would be surprised who survived the blast. Some where fairly close, but I am sure some died of radiation sickness days to weeks later.

    The fridge was a good idea, if you were close enough it wouldn’t be enough. You need as much shielding and distance as possible. As long as the whole world isn’t nuked… just high tail it out of there.

    Your skin protects you from a some radiation. The real problem is getting radionuclides in your body.

  10. Bruce G said :

    Potassium iodide will help limit the effect of radionuclides.

  11. hugh said :

    it depends on how far you are from ground zero

    if you are to close it doesn’t matter what you do your gona be a pile of plasma in a phew seconds

    but if you are some distance from the blast there are multiple things you could do but first you should read up on the stages of a nuclear explosion if you are far enough and you wern’t looking derectly at the blast you have a good chance to just simple drive away in the opusite derection (that is ofcourse you could find a working car that wasn’t fliped over bye the shock wave) without any adverse health effects other then maby some first and second degree burns on exposed skin from the flash


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