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How can I build a nuclear shelter under ground?

I am 17, and I am asking a serious question here. Nuclear warfare is a very great threat to human civilization. I was wondering how I can build a nuclear shelter under ground. so I am ready in case of nuclear war, or robots try to rule the world.

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3 Responses to “How can I build a nuclear shelter under ground?”

  1. Ben said:

    I think this question is for teh lulz.

  2. mike1942f said:

    You are about 20-30 years late. While nuclear weapons are still a local risk, nuclear warfare as threat to human civilization died with the reduction of the massive stock piles that the US and USSR held.
    Besides, if you look in detail, it costs a small fortune to build a fall out shelter which requires a lot of fuel and generators in order to run the fans and filters to keep the air safe for any period of time.
    So you might wait until there actually are some autonomous robots to help you build it before you worry about them taking over the world – not to mention that the EMP from nearby blasts would destroy all electronics including robots.

  3. mr.splooge said:

    A whole lot of digging.

    That and a permit. You need permission from the city(a permit) to even take a crap in your driveway now-a-days.


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