Do ghosts exist ?

Although the question “are ghosts real?” has been asked plenty of times, the answer remains a ‘no’ and it is backed up with overwhelming evidence. The idea that ghosts are real came from ancient times when people practiced anthropomorphizing non-human objects. Ancient people believed that ghosts are spirits that try to communicate with one’s ancestors. When these ghost legends were passed on from one generation to the next, people started seeing what they wanted to see, which became a phenomenon in modern culture.

Science dismisses the possibility of ghost existence, even though life after death remains a mystery. For years, theories about ghosts existed – each with different sides to the story, but people with believable ghost stories have always kept the issue alive. Believers of ghosts believe that spirits find it difficult to leave their homes or any other spot due to an unfinished business and until the spirits complete these tasks, they will not be at peace.

One of the most accepted theories is that ghosts are symbols of the environment’s vibration or a feeling that someone is next to you. Some theories suggest that the human mind can imagine dead people and eventually see them through this, making such apparitions seem to exist in the human mind. Others believe that people see “ghosts” after witnessing a traumatic event, such as deaths or accidents. When people begin to see a scene of distress repeatedly, for instance, a woman dying in front of you with blood, theologists call this as an  “energy of history”.

For an objective view of the existence of ghost, Dr. Sharon Hill and Dr. Dave Oester formed the International Society of Ghost Hunters 1911 to investigate and record such paranormal activities. Since haunting stories have become a pastime in most cultures, this organization tries to prove such stories as true or false. Until today, people feel that believing in ghosts is fun to do even without much solid proof.

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