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Astronomers: What do you love most about astronomy? And advice on how to be a proficient astronomer?

I am a novice to astronomy, and I would like some advice on how to be a more experienced astronomer so I can enjoy it. First of all, I have the desire and intense curiosity to figure out the universe, so I suppose that helps a bit. But any other advice that you would like to give, or advice that you wish you’d have known when you were beginning? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Astronomers: What do you love most about astronomy? And advice on how to be a proficient astronomer?”

  1. 4 Gram Blunts said :

    Im the same way as you! (or at least i was not too long ago). What i did is i went to and registered in the forums. Theres so many knowledgeable people there who are always asking interesting questions and getting even more interesting answers. As well as watching the universe on the history channel, and anything astronomy related on tv. What intrigues me the most is the potential for finding other earths, as well as other life in our solar system (. Read up on anything that interests you on wikipedia, as well as the astronomy forums.

  2. arslan said :

    I started getting intersted in astronomy by watching ALOT od documentaries, watch “The Universe” On History Channel, read books about astronomy.
    Also join astronomy clubs, take astronomy classes.
    Study stars, planets, neublas, black holes and more…
    There endless posibililties

  3. Velda Toller said :

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