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Are astronomy groups changing with the rise of the Internet?

I’m looking for examples of non-traditional astronomy clubs, where there are no bylaws, no annual dues and no formal structure. Yet they have active members, regularly scheduled events and sell/trade equipment, just like traditional clubs.

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2 Responses to “Are astronomy groups changing with the rise of the Internet?”

  1. campbelp2002 said :

    Lots of yahoo groups are kind of like that. I am a member of some of them.

  2. Ken E said :

    Actually astronomers anticipated the internet by years with telex hot lines running from one observatory to another round the world. This system spread the news of supernova 1987A.

    But a previous answer about some Yahoo groups is good. You might also find such groups attached to some popular astronomy websites, there is a fairly active forum attached to ‘Galaxy Zoo’.


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